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Tuckerman Ravine 1960s
Pete Peterson and Al Borup and dozens of other skiers on Tuckerman in the spring, early 1960s
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Sudbury Massachusetts mid-to-late 1950s
Domestic scenes from the Sudbury house, neighbors Luther Child? Mindy Lee? two kittens Winnie and Sneakers, laundry day, mud pies
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Lavallette Beach LYC Island Beach 1960s
Peterson family, kids at Lavallette beach, swimming races at LYC, picnic at Island Beach State Park, Bloomfields
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Barnegat Ave in Seaside, underwater
The day after Hurricane Irene, August 28.
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Seaside Heights beach after Hurricane Irene
Sunday, August 28
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Christmas Glen Ridge 1963
Peterson family Christmas, Glen Ridge
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Americas Cup Trials Newport 2012
America's Cup Trials - Newport June 2012
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Lavallette Jeep 1960s
Lavallette, Willys jeep rides in the Fall, with cousins and assorted kids
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Christmas Glen Ridge 1963 with Nana
Petersons, Pellicheros, Feslers at 87 Oxford Street
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algunos de la familia en Santiago, Chile
Lunching and looking around, in the Plaza de Armas
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Christmas in Lavallette 1964
Mary and Schatze White, Bruce and Wendy White, 3 Haddonfield Ave., Lavallette, North Lavallette Beach in Winter, Willys Jeeps, Homer and Friends
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Bubbles and Rafts
swimming in the ocean, North Lavallette beach in the early 1960s
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Diving on the Manasquan Wreck 1960s
(Takes about 20 seconds to commence; please be patient.) Salvage divers, including Jack Homer, recover items from the Manasquan Wreck. "The Manasquan Wreck sits in 30 feet of water and lies 300 yards offshore and 1,000 feet north of Manasquan Inlet. She appears to be the remains of an old English sailing ship, most likely the Amity packet built in 1816." This was filmed in the 1960s and the Mozart was already in place on the privately owned VHS this is copied from.
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