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How to Be a Great Boss - Webinar Recording - Oct. 17, 2016
This one-hour webinar hosted by Rene Boer, co-author of "How to Be a Great Boss," reveals time-tested tools and principles that have worked for more than 30,000 bosses in every industry. You’ll discover: • The Five Leadership Practices™ and Five Management Practices™ of every great boss • The difference between leadership and management—and why you need both! • How to create accountability and develop productive relationships with your people • The six tools that will revolutionize your leadership and management of others This webinar provides practical tools that you can apply immediately, allowing you to focus on improving and growing your organization and truly enjoy what you do. NEXT STEPS: - Learn more about How to Be a Great Boss - http://www.beagreatboss.com - Learn more about this proven system used by successful entrepreneurs at our website - http://www.eosworldwide.com - Follow EOS Worldwide on Twitter - http://twitter.com/EOSWorldwide - Subscribe to receive updates from our blog - http://bit.ly/1EzMXI7 ___________________________________ What Is EOS? In three words: Real. Simple. Results. EOS®, the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, is a comprehensive business system, integrating a holistic business model with a complete set of simple tools and a proven process to align and synchronize all the pieces of your business to produce the results you want.
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