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Indraprastha College Girls Dance Performance
Group Dance performance at IIT Delhi Rendezvous 2006 by Indraprastha college.
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Life in the Backyard - Canon EOS 550D
The film "Life in the Backyard" is a short test video. The tiny creatures are captured with Canon EOS 550D, 18-55 MM Full Zoom. I have been trying to achieve "Discovery" channel documentary film look with this consumer camera. The video may be little shaky as I do not have a macro lens and didn't used a tripod. Color correction using After Effects CS4. Comments and Feedback invited.
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An illusion is a distortion of a sensory perception
An illusion is a distortion of a sensory perception, revealing how the brain normally organizes and interprets sensory stimulation. While illusions distort reality, they are generally shared by most people. Illusions may occur with more of the human senses than vision, but visual illusions, optical illusions, are the most well known and understood. The emphasis on visual illusions occurs because vision often dominates the other senses. I think that's enough information about what illusions are :) I had fun making this video. Love, Codergeek82
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A Crazy Font - Teaser Short Film
Teaser of my First Short Film "A Crazy Font" ... This is a story about a guy and .....:) Story unfolds towards the end of SEPT 2014. Producer / Director / Cinematographer: Amol Bharti Lead Actor: Gaurav Gulati Screenplay: Deepti Sharma and Gaurav Gulati Genre: Short Film (Fiction Drama)
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CR State College Bhangra Performance
Bhangra performance by CR State College at IIT Delhi Rendezvous 2006.
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Adobe Flash Stick Man - By Alan Becker
Macromedia Flash tools fighting with the Stick Man. One of the best animations by Alan Becker. This video and the Credits belong to Alan Becker.
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Sweet little Indian Baby Deeam - Precious Moments
Precious Moments that I captured when Deeam was merely Six and a half Month old. Love you Deeam.
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The Navratri Celebrations - Kanjak Day
The Navratri Celebrations (Kanjak Day)
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Gang of Chandigarh Freestyle Roadies
Sequel to my earlier AMUZBOYZ video. This one is with bright colors and a different punjabi song by Mika. AmuzBoyz is a group of software professionals who are interested in freestyle running, bikes, racing, style, fitness, music, dancing and all kind of adventure sports. I started this group 2 months back and this video is outcome of our 1st outing in chandigarh.
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SMR Vinay Galaxy New Year 2014 Bash
SMR Vinay Galaxy New Year 2014 Bash
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Deeam Little Indian baby nursery rhyme abcd
Deeam's ABCD and gari gari chuk chuk, siti kaise bajati hai hindi rhyme.
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Our Trip to Kasauli
Kasauli is a quaint little town that seems to exist in a time wrap of an era that reminds one of the 19th century. Its colonial ambience is reinforced by cobbled paths, quaint shops, gabled houses with charming facades and scores of neat little gardens and orchards. Mixed forests of chir-pine, Himalayan oak and huge horse chestnuts surround Kasauli. Its narrow road slither up and down the hillsides and offer some magnificent vistas. Kasauli is one of the small towns developed by the British during the 'hey day' of the empire, and reached by a branch road from the Kalka-Shimla road. The quite beautiful hill-station of Kasauli has a Pastur Institute that produces the anti-rabies vaccine against mad dog-bite and, at the same time, treats victims who have fallen prey to the dead disease, Hydrophobia. The institute in Kasauli set up in 1900, is the oldest in India, taking care of pet, police and army dogs as well as their masters. Side by side another institute produces other vaccines, this is the Central Research Institute affording immunity from Typhoid, small-pox, cholera and snake-bite. The Shimla Hills stand on water - parting between the Sutlej and the Giri, a tributary of the Yamuna. South of Shimla is the Panchmunda ridge, which is crossed by a railway through a tunnel, the longest in the Kalka-Shimla run at Barog, where a series of fissure to springs occur at its flank. The first ridge above Kalka rises abruptly to pine-clad Kasauli at a height of 1,927m and is joined by a 12-km bridle path. The distance by road, however, from Kalka is 36.5-km. PRIME ATTRACTIONS Monkey Point: The highest point in Kasauli called Monkey point is just 4-km from the Kasauli bus stand. The Monkey Point commands an excellent view of the distant plains of Chandigarh region and the river Satluj, tracing a silvery trail through the scene. A small temple is also situated on the top of the hill, which is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. According to a legend, at the end of Ramayana when Lord Hanuman was returning from the Himalayas after obtaining Sanjivany Booty or the Magical Herb, his foot touched the hill and thus the top of hill is in a foot shape. On a clear and starry night the gorgeous view of Chandigarh can be seen from the Monkey Point. Sanawar: Just 6-km from Kasauli, Sanawar houses one of the best schools in the country. The Lawrence school is almost one hundred-years-old and a major attraction of the town. Dharampur: Just 15-km from Kasauli on the National Highway No.22, Dharampur is situated. Amidst the healthy air of the fragrant pines, Dharampur has one of the best hospitals in India for the cure of tuberculosis. It is also connected by Kalka-Shimla railway line. Sabathu: A little cantonment town has a Gurkha fort built in the early years of the 19th century, situated at an altitude of 1,437m. This cantonment town quartered the British soldiers at the time of British Empire. A diversion road from Dharampur 15-km away leads to the Sabathu town. Dagshai: Another little cantonment at an altitude of 1,925m just 19-km from Kasauli, it is accessible by a link road, which diverts from Dhrampur. Dagshai is perched on a small hill and comprises of a military public school and numerous military barracks. HOW TO GET THERE Air: From Kasauli the nearest airport is Chandigarh. Shimla is nearest airport for Solan. Rail: Nearest railhead is Kalka in Haryana, which is 40-km from Kasauli and 44-km from Solan. Solan is also connected with narrow gauge railway line from Kalka. Road: Solan and Kasauli are well connected by road buses, coaches and taxis are also easily available from Chandigarh and Delhi. WHERE TO STAY Hotel Ros Common. CLIMATE In winter, temperature can lower just above freezing point when heavy woollens are required. During summer, the climate is mild and light woolens or cottons are recommended. NEARBY CITIES Sanawar: 6-km Dharampur: 15-km Sabathu: 30-km Dagshai: 19-km Kalka: 35-km Solan: 44-km Chandigarh: 61-km Shimla: 77-km
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Awesome trip to Wonderla, Bangalore
Wonderla is an amusement park located near Bidadi, 28 kilometres from Bangalore, spanning 82 acres of land. Video by Amol Bharti. Equipment used: Sony Alpha 77 handheld, sorry no tripod.
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Personal video 2006-07 Show Reel
This is my home made 2006-07 video clips Show Reel. Sorry for the quality, all videos made with mobile.
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A Crazy Font Test Numbering
A Crazy Font Test Numbering
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Girls dance peformance at Rendezvous IIT Delhi
Girls group dance performance at Rendezvous IIT Delhi in year 2006.
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The Journey so far
Pictures speak thousand words
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SMR Champions Cup - Mens Doubles Finals Highlights
SMR Galaxy, Badminton Tournament 2014 Bangalore, Champions Cup Mens Doubles Finals.
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1.11 year old Baby knows Galaxy NOTE pretty well
1.11 year old Deeam is a new generation kid who loves exploring gadgets and electronics. She is good at remembering things and so far have operated Canon DSLR cameras, Android Touch Phones, HP Pavilion Notebook, Lenovo and DELL laptops, also knows how to turn on Sony Bravia LCD and browse YouTube on Bravia. Touch phone is relatively new for her and she is exploring her way out. Her favorite apps/games are "Tom", "Video Maker", "Sound Recorder" etc. In general we try to keep her away from these electronics but whenever she gets a chance she avails it to the fullest.
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amuzboyz + free running + bikes + trekking = fun
This video was shot in chandigarh IT Park during a bikes trip with my friends around the city and we finally ended up climbing a mountain. On this trip I came up with this nice video which was actually not planned at all but still it's entertaining.
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Sports Fun Day
Amol Bharti Photography
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Deeam 11 months
I was named 'Deeam' when sun and moon collided and earth took an opposite spin..the day i was born 11 months ago.
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Deeam playing Quake 4 - Like She Knows it all
Deeam loves computers and electronic gadgets more than a barbie doll. She is playing Quake 4 Multi Player Game on her own and acting like she knows it all. Hehe She is currently One year and Seven Months old.
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Practice Session
I am trying to move a stick, just a practice session for me.
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Film Look with Canon EOS 550D - Mystic
I watched many videos on vimeo and youtube, people trying to achieve film look and quality with regular consumer cameras. So i thought to give it a try. Here is my first ever film style mystic video. Just shot from my window after lunch. If you like it please do post your suggestions and valuable feedback. I know there are geeks out there with great insights, So am definitely expecting constructive criticism. I shot the video on 720 p 60 fps then changed it to 24 fps and used timewarp effect of after effects and did some color correction.
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Rahul's Birthday Celebrations
Celebrated Rahul's Birthday along with his room mates. A surprise party was organized and rest is self explanatory. Just watch the video.
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Time-lapse scene - A crazy Font
Time-lapse scene - A crazy Font
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Spinning Practice Year 2004
Practice going on for Spinning. Ahh am just chilling out.
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SAP Enterprise Risk management Team
This video is dedicated to the hard work of SAP GRC Risk Management Team. Amol Bharti (Developer/UX) Ankur Tandon (Developer) Bhupinder Singh (Developer) Gaurav Kashyap (Developer) Amanjeet Singh (Developer) Tomas Burger (Product Architect) Gero Maeder (VP) Daniel Welzbacher (Solution Manager) Sushant Agarwal (QA) Amit Agarwal (Product Manager) Didier (QA) Jun Li (Developer) Nitin kumar Verma (UX) Kaushik Kohli (UX)
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little Deeam - sweet Indian baby girl
I have been upgraded to daddy ver: 1.0, blessed with a sweet little baby girl. Born on 16th OCT 2010 at 9:45 PM. We have named her Deeam Sharma as she was born on the eve of Dussehra, an Indian festival denotes the win of Good over Bad. Deeam in ancient Sanskrit stands for a Candle light in a moon less night.
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Sony alpha 77 short test footage
Just another evening
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Amen Omen Song  Ben Harper
Amen Omen song by Depinder Bharti. Song Lyrics, Credits belongs to Ben Harper and respective copyright holders. This video is merely a tribute and not for profit. Video editing, Camera and Sound arrangement by Amol Bharti. Just a home video shot on Canon EoS 550D.
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Deeam Running around - 2.5 years old
Just a regular day in our life. Deeam is now 2.5 years old. Video made with Samsung Galaxy Note.
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Free Running, Having Fun in Goa
Amol having Fun in Goa
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Sony alpha 77 sample test footage
Colored corrected, sample footage with sony alpha 77
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