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KSJ Ep11 SNSD & Psy Dance 11262009
psy dances to snsd's genie and gee ^^ totally hilarious ^__^
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SNSD No1 2007 SBS Gayo Daejun 12292007
performing boa sunbae's song NO.1
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SNSD Yuri High Pitch Fail
credits: yubseyo for the vid and sub i think yuri had a sore throat here that's why she couldn't reach the notes. it was hella funny though. hyoyeon almost fell from her chair coz of laughing too hard ^^
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Shinee and FX LeeTeuk Ring Ding Dong SBS Encore 11082009
SMTown JJANG!!! credits: protonic9 + monmonsnow + tagged
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SNSD Taeyeon & Hwanhee "Secret Love???" Wonderful Outing
credits to soshified/soshisubs
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Kim Taewoo - "SNSD's Yuri Kept Me Sane"
taewoo's such a yuri fanboy ^__^
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BoA & Jang Geunsuk Ting Photoshoot 10282002
credits as tagged as promised, here's one of the photoshoots i have of when they were younger. really really cute, they look like siblings when they were playing around ^__^ They were really quite close back then, i wonder how they are now though :)
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Yoona's Aegyo
This is how yoona shows aegyo towards the other members ^^
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BoA & Jang Geunsuk Role Playing
this is back when jang geunsuk was not that popular yet. i think it was for a uniform cf or something ^^
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haha yuri's too cute ^^ credits to soshified
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SNSD Sunny & Sooyoung are perverts [Chunji Radio 070708]
haha sooyoung and sunny ^^ credit: soshified
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SS501 Gee Dance
youngseng trying to dance gee hehe
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SNSD Poking Game Hello Baby Ep07
this is funny! especially the part with sica getting poked on the **ahem** and yoona being clueless as to what the game rules are^^ credits: yubwardsubs
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SNSD - What Soshi will do for Patbingsoo Wonderful Outing [eng]
these girls would do anything for food haha ^__^ credits: soshified/soshisubs
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BlackBeat - Will U Listen To Me [2002 SM China Concert]
this is for those of you who never had the chance to see blackbeat perform. i really loved this song, too bad sm never promoted them that well. they could've made it if they were given another chance ;{
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Kim TAewoo's Asset compared to KangTa
Просмотров: 1095 SMTownAddict
SNSD Blooper Taeyeon If
it was so cute when she had to repeat the performance!!! taengoo ^__^
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Shinee - Onew I'llGiveYouAll SoYooJin'sRadio 09172008
Onew singing I'll Give You" All by Jo KyuMan this song is really really good. first heard it on the early 200's drama "All About Eve"
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SNSD(Taeyeon) - A leader's job is to...?
credits: soshified/soshisubs taeyeon was speechless lolz haha ^__^
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SNSD - How to catch a Pig
credits: soshified/soshisubs i thought the pig was cute. don't see anything scary about it. ^__^
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SNSD Blooper TMYW Mud Festival
taeyeon loses her mic and seohyun loses her heels ^^ haha
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BoA feat Daichi - Possibility MV.avi
this mv is rockin'!!! boa and daichi's voices blends so well together. it's been too long since i've liked a boa song this much. ^__^
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SNSD Blooper Yuri INTW
yuri just continued dancing ^__^ haha she was really embarassed.
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Suju - 24th Golden Disk AwardsDancing to GEE 12102009 [FanCam]
SUJU dancing to GEE Golden Disk Awards
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SNSD's "Baby BAby" RnB Version by Na Yoon Kwon
the song sounds good ^^
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Fly To The Sky Tribute MV - "Our Story"
made this back when i was totally obsessed over them, i think back in 2002-2003 lolz hehe . with the two of them going their own ways, i think that it's just right that i post it up here. ^__^
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SM Town - Tribute Video [All The Years]
old skool SM Town ^___^ i made this tribute back in 2003 i think. i was just looking for old vids and i found this. thought of uploading this just for the new fans of sm town. sigh, i really miss the times when ftts, shinhwa, boa, ses, hot were still under one company. nothing against the new breed of smtown-ers, but theres just nothing that can compare to SM's power at that time. imagine having the most popular idols in one company. wow...
Просмотров: 659 SMTownAddict
F(X) with MIC  for LG Lollipop CF + Making [251209]
f(x) with MIC for LG CF (in china)
Просмотров: 878 SMTownAddict
snsd tiffany stuck on stage 08012009
too bad there wasn't a broadcaster perf of this. it would've been hilarious if there was a better quality version. ^__^
Просмотров: 2670 SMTownAddict
Shinhwa M Fell Off A Chair
minwoo falls backward lolz ^^
Просмотров: 613 SMTownAddict
SNSD How To Use A Stethoscope [HelloBabyEp7]
this is soshi's way of how to use a stethoscope. ^__^ love their reactions, especially tifanny :-) credits: yubwardsubs
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SNSD - "We have boyfriends" Radio 02232008
credits to soshisubs/soshified
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Dana VS Minwoo [Hammer Game]
dana totally enjoyed hitting minwoo haha ^__^
Просмотров: 141 SMTownAddict
SuJu Blooper Miracle 02252006 lost shoe
ryeowook loses his shoe at around 0:14 ^^
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[091226] SNSD Heartbeat Move
Taeyeon doing Taekyon's move for Heartbeat ^__^ 2pmGeneration :)
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Park HyoShin Snow Flower JP&KR Super Live In Seoul
this is how "Snowflower" should've been sang. too bad taeyeon got bashed for that bad perf(drama awards). i guess they just didn't have enought time to practice for the song...
Просмотров: 707 SMTownAddict
SNSD - Oh! MV Dance Version 02042010
OH Dance Tutorial by SNSD
Просмотров: 216 SMTownAddict
SNSD - Cereal CF 2009
Cereal CF 2009
Просмотров: 134 SMTownAddict
ftts onlyonekmtvrain030829
ftts performing Only One in the rain back in 2003. i was such a big fan of them during that period. time flies so fast...
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SNSD - OH single
the song is really addicting ^__^
Просмотров: 121 SMTownAddict
F(X) - LunaKrystal - Invincible Lee PyungGang OST - Hard But Easy MV
i really really love this song ^^ too bad they didn't promote it. :)
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snsd 'Womanizer' at Chocolate 08152009
performing womanizer. i think sooyoung totally owned it in terms of the dancing. ^__^
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"The Movement Crew" 12112009 SBC Area1B Christmas Party
The Movement Crew performance during SBC's Area Christmas Party [Balut, Malabon and Maypajo]
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SHINee_Key & IU - Letter for you KBS 01082010
Shinee's Key & IU performing 'Letter For You' on KBS. the original singers are Lyn and MC Mong. i personally they've done an awesome job on this cover. key's rapping is spot on and IU actually sounds a lot like Lyn here. ^__^ credits:360kpop
Просмотров: 287 SMTownAddict