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Pranking in grocery store!!
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Pool and skatepark !!
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Playground obstacle course
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Organizing the tools
Hay guys today we brought some of our stuff to our grandmas house. And we skated!!! Follow me @ Hoezee vlogs on ig Music: Libre Musician: Ikson
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Tornado relief !!
Today we helped people who got hit by the tornado that came through. @ Hoezee vlogs
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Lock in at jump!!
Today we where at a lock in. Follow me on ig @ Hoezee vlogs Follow (carse12 vlogs and games ) on YouTube Music: Libre Musician: Ikson
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Pool flips!!
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Flag football 🏈
Today my brother had a flag football game !! We also did a bunch of random stuff !! Follow Hoezee vlogs IG
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⚽️ middle school Soccer game!!! ⚽️
Sorry this was such a short vlog. I am going to try and do a live stream today at 11:10pm !!! ✌️ Follow me @ Hoezee vlogs on ig Go follow Carson @ carse12 vlogs and games Music: Balloon Musician: Ikson
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Buying new skate shoes!!
Hay guys today we did a paper airplane challenge and we fished for my brother lollll follow me @ Hoezee vlogs on ig
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We broke our  XBOX!!!!
Hay guys today Oliver and I broke our XBOX 360!!! Follow me on insta @ Hoezee vlogs https://m.youtube.com/user/AndrewSchrock
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First video
Hay guys this video is so I can get your feedback . Pleas if you have any ideas comment them below . This Chanel is going to be a vlog Chanel .
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National skateboarding day
Come back next week for an update video
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Ghost pepper chip challenge ( Q&A )
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Travel travel travel!!!
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Iowa spring brake
Hay guys I am still getting better at editing. Pleas like and sub for more!!! I am going to try and make one video every day this week!
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2 day vlog
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Board at Kroger
Hay guys today was a vlog where I had nothing to vlog . That is why it is so short. Follow @hoezee vlogs on ig Music: Wander Musician: Ikson
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Mini maker fair (fingerboard skate park)
Mini maker fair (fingerboard skate park)
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Grandma makes faces to my camera!!!!!
Hay guys today we went mountain biking and I crashed into a tree and we also played wiffle ball. My grandma also made funny fades to my camera and mic. Follow on ig @hoezee vlogs Music: Balloon Musician: Ikson
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Easter fun!!
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Full park game of sk8
Hay guys today we played sk8. Follow me @ Hoezee vlogs
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I’m am back!!
I am back I am sorry I have bin gone fire like two weeks my old phone broke. I will be doing Daly uploads starting tomorrow!!!
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We made our name to darth vador
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Playground skatepark !!!
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Soccer game
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Carpet skateboarding
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Ping pong trick shot
New vlog coming soon
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Ghost pepper game of S.K.A.T.E.
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Mom skateboards for the first time!!!!!
Hay guys we mostly skated today follow @ Hoezee vlogs on ig
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