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Indominus Rex JW - Speedpaint
So i recently made a speedpaint about the Indoraptor, but i tought, why not draw the original Monster from Jurassic World as well? So here we are~ I DO NOT OWN THE SONG AND CHARACTER!! Character: Indominus Rex belongs to Universal Studios Song: ANGL - FireBurst (Copyright Free Dupstep) {FT Release} by FlyingTunes https://youtu.be/mVx3z2nNF44
Просмотров: 246 Sahra kyloh
Indoraptor JW Fanart
Just me trying to draw the Indoraptor :,) Ok, so i recently watched the new Jurassic World move and OH BOI, it was amazing!! Also Indoraptor is my new fav Dino now, her and the Indominus are both amazing and beautiful Dinos. So yeah, here have my crapy art Dino; Indoraptor brlongs to...Universal Pictures? Song: Indominus Rex Theme - Jurassic World (Soundtrack Compilation)
Просмотров: 810 Sahra kyloh
(MLP) IT - Pennywise Speedpaint
I know it's not the best, but I tried... Normally I would draw traditional art... But I have no way recording it, and posting it... So here ya have a lil digital speedpaint of pennywise.... And please no hate Have all a great day. Song: Nara (Theme to Cold Case) E.S. Posthumus
Просмотров: 580 Sahra kyloh
Bisexual Oc speedpaint (base edit)
Ok so, just a small base edit cuz i have a art block rn, and i just thought that this would fit cuz its pride month. So enjoy^^ Song: Italobrothers - Stamp On The Ground Oc: Shes ma sweet bab Base: https://kittiebases.deviantart.com/art/Pride-base-747893210 Used programs: Paint tool sai and Camtasia
Просмотров: 56 Sahra kyloh
Gore Warning Speedpaint
A drawing for future Speedpaints 1 Song: (VOCALOID) Monster (GUMI English) 2 Song; (VOCALOID) Burn Me Down (GUMI English)
Просмотров: 27 Sahra kyloh
Rarity gore Speedpaint
Just a small lineless drawing test. It was harder than expected but i think it turned out alright (idk). Song: Secret by Pierces Pony: Rarity from the MLP Show
Просмотров: 60 Sahra kyloh
What chu hiding Zombie? Speedpaint
Just a small gore speedpaint, nothing special. I do not own the song!! Only Oc and the drawing Oc: Teeth Song: the Zombie song by Stephanie mabey
Просмотров: 22 Sahra kyloh
Even give you my rotten heart. Speedpaint
I'll probably redraw this once I'm back home on my computer. I made this with my finger on an app on my phone called Ibis Paint X....I still hate that app But yeah...here's a drawing of my lil zombie bab, enjoy Oc: mine Song: plastic heart
Просмотров: 18 Sahra kyloh
I know it's not so good, but I had fun. And i Hope you like it. And please no hate, im just 13.
Просмотров: 60 Sahra kyloh
Good boy Speedpaint
Hocus will forever be a good boy, no matter what happens or what others will say!!! Alright so, tis is fanart for a really amazing Artist. I dont know if there gonna see it, but i hope Ok so the oc belongs to Hocus Pocus on amino or Small werewolf here on YT I had alot of fun drawing this Song: Secret by the Pierces Time taken: 1 hour and 29 mins
Просмотров: 22 Sahra kyloh
Ibis Paint test
Ok so I tried to use ibis paint once again... Also with another base...sorry Oc: belongs to me Song: Plastic heart Base by: KittieBases on Da
Просмотров: 25 Sahra kyloh
Creppy wolf Speedpaint
It was actully a hybrit....but i kinda drew it wron at the start, what means i havent used some other things that actually belonged to this oc. But i still hoped you liked it^^ Used Songs: - Creepy old Music Box - "When Memories Break" by BadWabbitz - Dont go down there|Scary Dark Ambient Music by Megan McDuffe
Просмотров: 29 Sahra kyloh
Cupid beans speedpaint
A drawing for a great friend. Its for the great bean: Cupid Valintine MLP The drawing shows there Male oc who´s a fish bean but can also become a pony i had alot of fun drawing this,and if i mean alot, than i mean ALOT Anyway,i hope ya liked it,if ya did,maby leave a like i would really appreachiate it. Used Program: Paint Tool SAI Recording program: Camtasia 9 Songs: 1 - Lord-Everybody wants to rule the world (Versus x Dre 2 - Two Steps from Hell - Heart of Courage (Also i would suggest to watch it on pc or Laptop,cuz ist darker on mobile)
Просмотров: 30 Sahra kyloh
I would even give you my rotten heart. Paint tool sai version
Just a small redraw, cuz i didnt like the original one, the one i did on Ibis Paint X. Anyways, i hope ya guys liked it^^ Oc:belongs to me Song: Imagine Dragons Believer Time taken: 2 hours and 9 minutes
Просмотров: 28 Sahra kyloh
Speedpaint test
This is just a test to see how this works, but still have fun^^ Song: Two steps from Hell - Heart of Courage
Просмотров: 27 Sahra kyloh
Mlp Speedpaint tanzenden Fluttershy
Bitte kommentiert das Video damit ich weiß wie ihr es findet. Und ich weiß Fluttershys mahne sieht blöd aus. Aber wenn es euch gefahlen hat last einen Daumen nach oben da
Просмотров: 64 Sahra kyloh
Annoyed Sahra Speedpaint
Just a smal drawing for ma profile on Amino. I actually had no idea what i should draw, so i just went with Profile picture for Grimdarks amino I hope its ok Oc: Belongs to me Song: Bad Apple (English) - Ashe & Rockleelist
Просмотров: 32 Sahra kyloh
Randome donut Speedpaint
I dont know when and why this was an idea to draw xD But i did it...dont behind question me Song: Ahrix - Nova
Просмотров: 22 Sahra kyloh
The Purg challenge entery
This is just a small gory drawing for a challenge on Amino, I hope ya guys enjoy Song: Rise (i have no idea who made it) Oc: mine
Просмотров: 29 Sahra kyloh