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Iron Sky Teaser 2 - The First Footage
The second teaser for Iron Sky - the upcoming scifi comedy from the creators of Star Wreck. The teaser contains footage you will see in the finished film. Check out ‪http://www.ironsky.net/‬ for more info about the film - and how you can get involved in the production. You can support us by buying our merchandise at ‪http://store.ironsky.net/‬ or investing in the movie: ‪http://www.ironsky.net/invest/‬ Become a fan on Facebook: ‪http://facebook.com/ironsky‬ or follow us on Twitter: ‪http://twitter.com/energia‬ The music is "B Mashina" by Laibach: ‪http://www.laibach.nsk.si/
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Space nazis attack! Iron Sky teaser 720P HD
Click "Watch in HD" to play the 720P HD version! Check our website at http://www.ironsky.net for more about the film - and how you can get involved in the production. The first teaser for Iron Sky - the upcoming scifi comedy from the creators of Star Wreck. Check our website at http://www.ironsky.net for more about the film - and how you can get involved in the production. Follow us: http://facebook.com/ironsky - http://twitter.com/energia The music is "Under the Iron Sky" made by Sound Reel (artists formerly known as Adamantium Studios): http://www.kaitikink-ensemble.com This teaser does not contain any actual footage from the film. It is meant as a demonstration of the style and feeling of Iron Sky.
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Iron Sky: The First Four Minutes
The first four and a half minutes as they appear on the screen. Get tickets: https://www.finnkino.fi/Websales/Movie/298988/ (Finland) See how this scene was made: http://www.ironsky.net/sneakpeek Today tickets went on sale for Iron Sky in Finland, to celebrate we decided to release the first minutes of the film. Hope you like them! This video is originally from Iron Sky Sneak Peek at http://www.ironsky.net/sneakpeek/ - join the site for extensive making of material on how the scene went from script to screen.
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Iron Sky Official Theatrical Trailer [HD]
Energia's next film: Star Wreck - Soviets in the 23rd century - more info http://www.starwreck.com ATTENTION: New official youtube channel for Iron Sky: https://www.youtube.com/user/ironskyuniverse Iron Sky Official Theatrical Trailer in glorious full HD! Music composed by Laibach. Read more: http://www.ironsky.net & follow us: http://fb.com/ironsky Iron Sky, a dark scifi comedy, premiered February 11th at the Berlin International Film Festival.
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Iron Sky Signal E20 - Australia Wrap & The First Promo Trailer
In this episode of Iron Sky Signal we will give you a glimpse to our shoot in Australia, and to the draft of our new promotional trailer which we published in Iron Sky Sneak Peek!
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Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning HD REMASTERED Teaser
Here's a small taste of the REMASTERED edition of Star Wreck (2005). The whole film should be remastered and ready late 2015 to celebrate 10th anniversary of the film. It will be available for free - just like the original film. Follow the production @ fb.com/starwreck and www.starwreck.com
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Iron Sky Teaser 3 - We Come In Peace!
The third teaser for Iron Sky - Film is in post-production and the premiere will be in 2012. Share your comments with us, enjoy and Thank You for supporting Iron Sky! Music by Laibach Visual effects by Energia Productions http://www.energiaproductions.fi Learn about the Future of Film Making: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLRcUcg2TUI Check out ‪http://www.ironsky.net/‬ for more info about the film - and how you can get involved in the production. You can support us by buying our merchandise at ‪http://store.ironsky.net/‬ or investing in the movie: ‪http://www.ironsky.net/invest/‬ Become a fan on Facebook: ‪http://facebook.com/ironsky‬ or follow us on Twitter: ‪http://twitter.com/energia‬
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Star Wreck: Failboat (a blooper reel)
So you have seen Star Wreck? See what happened during the filming of the epic scifi parody! Lots of perkele, vittu and saatana!
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Japanese dub of Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning
Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning was released on DVD in Japan on Friday 29th of September by AMG and Medallion Media. This is a short clip showing the great Japanese dubbing they did.
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Star Wreck 6 teaser 1 - from 1999
Star Wreck 6: In the Pirkinning was supposed to be a 20 minute short film - Samuli was so sure about getting the film out in one year - at the end of 2000. But it took 5 more years to finish the film.
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Energia Dailies 12 -  Getting serious
You can't be funny all the time. Deadline is closing, only 6 days left and people are getting tired (and stuck behind locked doors).
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Iron Sky Signal E16 - The Costume Department
This time we visit the Iron Sky costume and props department, where all the costumes, space suits and other such materials are made!
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Star Wreck UK trailer
This is the official trailer for the UK DVD release of Star Wreck Imperial Edition. Follow us: http://facebook.com/starwreck - http://twitter.com/energia Order the DVD! Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B001QVI194/ Play.com: http://www.play.com/DVD/DVD/4-/8826578/Star-Wreck/Product.html
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Trailer for Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning - A Finnish Star Trek parody
Trailer for the Star Trek parody Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning. Watch the entire film on Netflix: http://www.netflix.com/Movie/Star-Wreck/70125135 Or buy the DVD on Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Star-Wreck-Finnish-English-sub-titles/dp/B001QVI194
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Iron Sky - Producing with the Audience
The old way of making films was one way: from filmmakers to audiences. Let us show you how it will be done in the future: with the audicence and for the audience. The internet community can help a filmmaker in several ways with creating content, giving the film publicity and even funding the film - and at the same time making the whole project a hobby, an experience, something bigger than just a movie.
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Star Wreck 2 - The Old Sh*t
One of the funniest Star Trek parodies ever made. Well, at least it was back in 1994 when it was made. This is the second animation in the Star Wreck series. Get the Star Wreck films on DVD from http://store.starwreck.com
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CGI Diaries: Not using Final Cut
Doing previz for establishing shots. Still starved of oxygen.
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Iron Sky Motion Poster
See the HQ version on our site at: http://www.ironsky.net Iron Sky is a dark science fiction comedy about Nazis on the Moon.
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Swine Flu explained by cute talking animals
Just a quick test made with http://www.xtranormal.com/ - kind of fun idea. As you can hear it's a text-to-speech programme doing the voices, that's how the site works. The Swine Influenza situation explained by cute talking animals.
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Iron Sky CGI Reel
Music from Laibach's upcoming soundtrack album "Iron Sky" coming from MUTE: http://www.itunes.com/laibach See how the Nazi Moonbase and explosive space battler were created in this video highlighting the visual effects of Iron Sky!
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Trailer for Star Wreck: Imperial Edition
The trailer for the Imperial Edition of the finnish Star Trek parody Star WReck: In the Pirkinning.
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CGI Diaries: Building a cheap render node
Our latest shipment of component arrived from Jimm's and Samuli gives some hints on building cheap render nodes. Also, we test out YouTube's new shake reduction, since this was shot on a phone.
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Star Wreck IV - The Kilpailu
Another classic Star Trek parody from the year 1996. The Kickstart is sent to take part in a competition organised by a powerful alien race, the Zarquons. Further complicating Pirk's already impossible mission, Mr Spook, unable to bear Pirk's incompetence, resigns and returns to his home planet of Vulgarus. His replacement is Mr Info. Being a robot, Info is immune to Pirk's insults, but is at least as irritating as good old Spook. Get the Star Wreck films on DVD from http://store.starwreck.com
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Star Wreck III - Wrath of the Romuclans
The classic animated Star Trek parody from 1995! Having wrecked his ship in the previous episode, Captain Pirk now commands a brand new starship, and is sent to investigate a Romuclan attack plan on a backwater space station. It all ends with the most massive space battle in the history of the P-fleet, and it's lead by Pirk... With odds like that, does humanity stand a chance? Get the Star Wreck films on DVD from http://store.starwreck.com Read more about the original Star Wreck shorts: http://www.starwreck.com/legacy/movies.php
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Energia Dailies 009 - F*** View
Uh, sorry about this.
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Shaking on the Bridge - Making of Star Wreck
Making of Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning
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Iron Sky Signal E18 - Fans and Explosions in Frankfurt
Shooting day number #5 with our fans as extras and some special effects. We would like to thank those fans who were there -- You really made this scene awesome. Thank You! Don't forget our Iron Sky Sneak Peek: www.ironsky.net/sneakpeek
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Interview with Götz Otto & Julia Dietze
Introducing two of our main actors. This interview is filmed about one year ago.
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Energia Dailies 5 - Technical Problems & Toilet Humour
Technical difficulties and crap.
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Iron Sky Signal E21 - Creating the Visual Effects
In this episode of Iron Sky Signal we take a look at the visual effects which our CGI team is cranking out 24/7. Follow us: http://facebook.com/ironsky - http://twitter.com/energia
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Director's Diary: Scheduling
Working on the shooting schedules with Peter McLennan, my First Assistant Director, and Mika Orasmaa, our Director of Photography.
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Iron Sky Signal E11 - Making of Teaser II
You have seen our latest teaser with the actual footage that will be seen in Iron Sky the movie, but how was all this done? We visit our temporary studio in Tampere/Finland and the CGI department in Energia Production to see how the teaser was created.
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Japanese trailer for Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning
The Japanese trailer for Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning. This is made for Japan by the Japanese distributor, so it's not the same as the other trailers.
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Star Wreck V - Lost Contact
Parody of Star Trek: First Contact, made in 1997. The Korg send a ship back in time to 20th century Eart. The Kickstart, being the only functioning P-fleet ship around, has to follow. The Korg plan to assassinate rockstar Jeffrey Cochbrane (Played by Rudi Airisto and a pair of sunglasses) and his band Dethdestro before their concert attracts the attention of Vulgars. This would stop humanity's first contact aliens and change the future. Get the Star Wreck films on DVD from http://store.starwreck.com
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Energia Dailies 1 - Iron Sky Demo Countdown Day 1
Following the progress of Iron Sky demo final production phase at Energia's office in Tampere, Finland.
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Energia Dailies 6 - Technobabble & Special Guests
This time we meet mr. Tung Bui & mr. Info. Tung Bui's YouTube: http://youtube.com/user/tungthanhbui
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Star Wreck 1 (1992)
The original, the root of all evil. The most retro (ie. crudely animated) Star Trek parody in the history of mankind! Animated frame-by-frame with Deluxepaint Animator way back in 1992. Get the Star Wreck films on DVD from http://store.starwreck.com
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White Flame - Hour of Emptiness (720P)
Music video we created for the band White Flame. The video was shot in two days. One day (and a rather spooky night) was spent on location in an abandoned mental hospital and another in a studio in front of a giant greenscreen. In the end we had the band playing on the moon and the singer Vince being interrogated by evil space vixens.
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Energia Dailies 4  - A Total Waste of Time
A total waste of time! This is the reason why we need a charismatic sexy girl to ask all the important questions...
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Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning (with subtitles in 10 languages)
Sequel in pre-production! http://facebook.com/starwreck - This is the full feature length movie. Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning is a Star Trek parody made in Finland and released online in 2005. The movie is subtitled in Arabic, Chinese, English, Finnish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. Click the small triangle in the bottom right corner to turn subtitles on/off and to select the language. -- Released under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND -license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd-nc/1.0/fi/deed.en
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Italian dub of Star Wreck
A taste of Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning dubbed in italian. The italian dub was created by professionals for the broadcast of the film on a satellite film channel. It ended up costing more to make than the actual movie.
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Director's Diary: Finishing the Sound Design
Sound Design phase in Münich, at Wavefront Studios is done! In this episode we work with Heiko Müller, our sound designer, on the finishing touches of the sounds of Iron Sky. Music is provided by awesome Finnish bass-and-drum -duo K+K-tactics - more of their awesomeness here: http://www.dboband.com/kk
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Iroun Sky  Inglourious Trailer Remake
Inglourious Basterds has arrived to Finland, and here is a little clip to show how grateful we are.
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Star Wreck 4½ - Weak Performance
Star Trek meets Indiana Jones in a little-bit-less classic episode of Star Wreck made in the year 2000. Star Wreck 4½ - Weak Performance was an inside joke for the team, made after Star Wreck 5. Though most of it is re-used footage from Andy Bones II, made years earlier... Confused? So is the plot, where Captain Pirk plays nazi-hating archeologist Andy Bones on the Halludeck while Romuclans attack The Kickstart.
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Iron Sky Signal E14 - Christopher Kirby Joins The Fight Against The Moon Nazis
Meet Christopher Kirby, the third main cast member of Iron Sky!
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Director's Diary: Arrived to Cannes
We just arrived to Cannes. Uh. Sorry, bad director's diary... Just too hangoverish to be able to edit anything reasonable :)
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Director's Diary: Locking the first space CGI shots for Iron Sky.
Working on Iron Sky at Tampere office, on CGI.
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Director's Diary - No Sleep Till Premiere: Chris Up Close
In this episode I have a chat with Christopher Kirby, one of the lead actors of Iron Sky. Music is provided this time by an awesome artist Max Farnea. Check out his album Drop Paths, which is available for free download here: http://www.archive.org/details/DropPaths
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Star Wreck - Definitive Insideout - a one-hour making of documentary (2006)
Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning (2005) production took seven years. This is a one hour documentary of the Finnish SISU on how the film was created against all odds - and how we grew as films makers hopefully!
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