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Newly released video shows man getting shot at Waffle House in Fort Myers
Newly released video shows man getting shot at Waffle House in Fort Myers
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Thieves use aluminum foil to shoplift
Thieves use aluminum foil to shoplift from a store at the Coconut Point Mall. They stole over $700 worth of leggings and t-shirts.
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Parents outraged after middle school counselor shaves student's head
Parents of a sixth grade student at Harns Marsh Middle School, in Lehigh Acres, are outraged after a school counselor shaved their son's head at school after he showed up with an inappropriate hair cut. The school said the kid showed up to school with a gang related hair cut and it violated school policy. The hair cut represented the Miami Heat basketball team.
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Local attorney fired up after Lee deputies seize cell phone without warrant
Local attorney fired up after Lee deputies seize cell phone without warrant
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Miami Marlins star pitcher Jose Fernandez dies in boat crash
The two-time all-star's boat smashed into a rock jetty early Sunday morning, killing him and two others.
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Questions for police after wrongful arrest
Questions for police after wrongful arrest
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Man used c to treat cancer speaks on Amendment 2 choice
A man from Southwest Florida used cannabis oil to treat cancer speaks on Amendment 2 choice. Amendment 2 will allow more Southwest Florida residents access to medical marijuana. He calls his garden an "anti-cancer" garden that is full of tomatoes, chard, peppers and more.
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Parenting Guide-How not to raise a narcissistic child 03/18/2015
Parenting Guide-How not to raise a narcissistic child 03/18/2015
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Safety tips for women
Safety tips for women you need to share with the women in your life. Purse grabbing demonstration, where to park for safety, keeping your doors and blinds closed and more...
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Cape double murder solved 26 years later
26 years after the double murder of Lisa Story and Robin Cornell, Cape Coral Police have arrested the man who killed them. Solving the crime via DNA.
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SWFL Eagle Cam shows E9 falling from nest
SWFL Eagle Cam shows E9 falling from nest.
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Girl 8 years old drinks boiling water on a dare and died
A Boynton Beach Florida 8-year-old girl has died five months after she was injured while drinking boiling water through a straw on a dare.
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US Army Warn Against Romance Scams
Not specified
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Blood on cruise ship
Blood on cruise ship
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Inured eagle E8 intake at CROW (5/13/16)
LEE COUNTY, Fla. -- Veterinarians are closely watching an injured juvenile eagle that was found injured Friday after going missing from a popular nest webcam last week.
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BTS Rap Monster talks Kpop with The Morning Blend
BTS Rap Monster comes on The Morning Blend to talk about their shows and successes. The popular Kpop chart leading group BTS talks about their group and why they are trending. (Due to the nature of the production there is a slight audio delay between questions). Sincere apologies to "Rap Monster" for previously misspelling name.
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Woman confronts squatters living in her home in Charlotte County, Florida
A woman says squatters are living in her home, Charlotte County, Florida, and she wants them out. Homeless people have taken over her home, trashing just about every corner of it. Florida Law requires home owners formally evict the squatters through court which could take weeks.
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Mike Scott
Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott talks about an overnight arrest of an on-duty deputy.
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Nate Allen Dashcam Video
Nate Allen Dashcam Video
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Blue Collar, High Dollar: Six-figure salaries with no college degree?
Blue Collar, High Dollar: Six-figure salaries with no college degree?
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Miami woman dies after cosmetic procedure
miami-dade county woman dies after plastic surgery
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Concerns over Cryotherapy: The Risks and Benefits
Concerns over Cryotherapy: The Risks and Benefits
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Man wrongfully arrested can't get bail money back
A Fort Myers man says he's being victimized again for a crime he didn't commit. He was arrested in April for robbery and battery but those charges were dropped. Now he wants to know why the courts won't at least give back his bond money. Four in you
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Scammers call you from your own number
CAPE CORAL, Fla. -- Scammers have a new technique designed to get your immediate attention.
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Urban Cowboy: The Rise and Fall of Gilley’s 06/17/2015
Urban Cowboy: The Rise and Fall of Gilley’s 06/17/2015
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Cape woman being kicked out of her home
Cape Coral code enforcement evicts woman for living off the grid
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Employee's service dog still not allowed in Publix
Publix tells one employee he can't bring his service dog to work with him unless he brings a doctor's note
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Viewers Voice: Publix employee fights to get service dog at work
Viewers react to a Publix employee not allowed to bring his service dog to work with him.
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U.S. Law Shield's firearm defense program
Summers, Wegner.
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Bystander shoots Deputy's attacker in Florida
Bystander shoots Deputy's attacker. A Lee County deputy gets into a fight with man that was pulled over for . A witness to the brutal fight shot and killed the attacker in defense of the Florida deputy.
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Disney fans "explore" off-limit areas of park
Disney fans risk jail to "explore" off-limit areas of park
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Partial victory for Cape Coral woman fighting to live off grid
Robin Speronis found not guilty on two of three alleged Cape Coral city code violations at hearing in her fight to live off grid.
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Armored truck spills money in Fort Myers Florida
A truck for Dunbar Armored Security, in Florida was seen dumping money all over the road in Fort Myers, but when a couple tried to get the driver's attention, they ignored them.
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Daniel Wu talks about his new show 'Into the Badlands'
Summers, Wegner.
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Baby Shark hits the Billboard Hot 100 list
Baby Shark hits the Billboard Hot 100 list.
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Immokalee students Haitian flag day
Some Immokalee students were suspended after wearing shirts Haitian to school, which is against school dress code.
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Jail records reveal Nikolas Cruz was seen laughing in jail days after Parkland school shooting
Newly obtained jail records reveal life behind bars for accused school shooter, Nikolas Cruz. Investigative Reporter Katie LaGrone obtained a series of reports that describe days of isolation, nights of restlessness and moments of laughter.
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Dispute over service dog ends in veteran's arrest
A confrontation at the Best Western hotel in Bonita Springs Monday night ended with a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan behind bars.
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Invasive flat worms found in Cape Coral, Florida
A potentially deadly worm, New Guinea flatworm, found in Cape Coral, Florida raising concerns about how it got here and how to keep them out. The flatworm is an invasive deadly worm first found in Miami, Florida. They are a dark worm with an orange strip. The threat from the flatworms is potentially a disease affecting the brain and spinal cord. Other horrible diseases associated with the worms are meningitis and more.
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Dr. Lori-Top 5 Hot Collectibles 07/21/2015
Dr. Lori-Top 5 Hot Collectibles 07/21/2015
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Charlotte County Cold Case Solved
Fox 4's John Rupolo Investigates
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How to get the best seashells by the seashore
Wednesday, June 21 is National Seashell Day. And because, year after year, Sanibel Island is voted the top beach for shelling, we sent the Taste and See Southwest Florida crew to Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum on Sanibel.
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Know your rights if landlord threatens to kick you out
Four In Your Corner's Colleen Hogan is finding out what your rights are as a renter.
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Woman scams Wal-Mart with receipt she found
A woman found a receipt, then used it to scam Wal-Mart with items she passed off as her own in Charlotte county.
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PAW Patrol Live
We're racing to the Rescue and Chase is on the case! PAW Patrol Live joins us in the studio!
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Student sent home for confederate flag
Not specified
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Dani gets hiccups on the air
Fox 4's Dani Beckstrom tries to soldier through the weather while experiencing hiccups.
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Stores running out of hurricane supplies
Hurricane Irma could hit Florida and people are starting to prepare.
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Embattled Punta Gorda Police Officer Fired after reprimands and internal investigations
Fox 4's John Rupolo releases new information about his firing
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Gordon Ramsey Daytona Recipe 2/22/17
Gordon Ramsey Daytona Recipe
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