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7 Worst Ways to Get in trouble at Jrob Intensive Wrestling Camp
in this video I go over the 7 worst ways to get a negative at Jrob And the possible punishments that you can recieve for them. ► Music Credit: LAKEY INSPIRED Track Name: "Better Days" Music By: LAKEY INSPIRED @ https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired Original upload HERE - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXLzv... Official "LAKEY INSPIRED" YouTube Channel HERE - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOmy... License for commercial use: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported "Share Alike" (CC BY-SA 3.0) License. Full License HERE - https://creativecommons.org/licenses/... Music promoted by NCM https://goo.gl/fh3rEJ
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7 Tips on Cutting Weight for Wrestlers
In this video I go over a 5 day long meal plan for wrestlers cutting weight, I go over do's and dont's as well as workouts
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5 things nobody Tells you about Wrestling
in this video i go over some of the harsh truths I had to learn about wrestling on my own.
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Sh!t Wrestlers Say While Cutting Weight
in this video i give some exaggerated examples of complaints wrestlers have during weight cut
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8 Ways  You can Lose Points at Jrob Intensive Wrestling Camp
in this video I go over 8 ways you can get a negative at Jrob intensive wrestling camp, and how you can lose points some while not even in practice. I did it shirt
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Jrob's Final Run; 5 Things You Need To Know Before
In this Video I give 5 tips to the Final half marathon of in the JROB intensive wrestling camp JROB Points video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIvcwk452JI&t=1s
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7 TIPS for J Rob, the First Day of Camp [2018]
In this video I go over 7 tips to get you ready for the first day of camp, at J Robbinson intensive wrestling camp. I attended in 2015 at minnesota for 28 days
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4 Tips on Picking a Weight Class
In this video I go over my Tips for picking a weight class all my weight cutting tips should be taken with a grain of salt but everything has worked for me that I advise
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4 Tips for Tall Wrestlers
in this video i go over tips for tall wrestlers and how the can use their height to their advantage
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5 Tips for Getting Into Wrestling Shape for Jrob
In this video I go over a workout plan and mental preparation for Jrob as well as any other wrestling camp.
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4 Tips on Getting The Black Hat at Jrobbinson intensive wrestling camp
in this video i give you 4 tips on how to win the ultimate trophy at J robbinsons Wrestling camps
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7 Signs you're bad at Wrestling
GIVEAWAY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gB5BhA_U7sk&t=3s obviously you're not bad if you do these just correct them in this video I go over poor etiquette on the wrestling mat during a wrestling match Bad habits pf Wrestling. I say its the 7 worst things because they're MY 7 worst things tips and tricks, how to for wrestlers new and experienced kolat.com
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Day 9 of 28: Jrob intensive camps
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4 Different types of Wrestling Camps
in this video I go over the 4 Different types of wrestling camps and how each one will improve your wrestling
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8 Tips For JROB's Intensive wrestling camps morning run
In this video I go over 8 Tips for the morning run at Jrob and what kind of workouts you do and what time you start etc.
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10 Tips: Things You Cannot Forget To Bring to J Robbinson Intensive Wrestling Camp
In this video I go over 10 tips for things to need to remember before you go to camp. My name is Isaac I attended the 28 day camp is 2015 wrestled for 5 years . Check out all my other content
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4 Tips for how to Getting Through J robbinson intensive wrestling camp
in this video I go over 4 tips that helped me get through jrob intensive wrestling camp
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4 tips to Prepare for Jrob's RED FLAG DAY
in this video i talk about my experience with j robbinsons red flag day i talk about the weights and how the coaches separate you etc.
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in this video I go over Key concepts of wrestling and how to become a more aggressive wrestler on top bottom and neutral.
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Wrestler Wednesday: Jason Nolf highlights
in this video I make some of penn states Jason Nolf's wrestling highlights.
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4 Tips for J Robinsons Night Practice
in this video I explain Jrob's intensive wrestling night practice who your coaches will be and a Wrestling camp story wrestling techniques etc
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Wrestling Stories: The Watergate Scandal
in this video I go over a story that comes up time and time again in my life... the wrestlers watergate scandal.
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Day 1 of 28: the List Jrob intensive camp
This is the first of 28 update videos for jrob
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6 Snacks for People cutting weight
in this video i go over the lightest most satisfying foods I've found while cutting weight
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How to NOT get NERVOUS before a big match
in this video i go over 4 tips to not getting nervous before any big wrestling match
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7 Things You Need to Bring to Your wrestling Camp
in this video I go over 7 very important things you cannot forget on your way to wrestling camp this summer
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in this video I go over the wrestling storytime of me wrestling my first match and what happened and how it went, wrestling with corn rown wrestling up a weight class, getting made fun of for wearing a cup etc. tips and tricks, how to bjj
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In this video I go over fundamentals to wrestling you must remember while going into your first match.
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WRESTLING STORIES : My Wrestling team got into a fight
in this video I talk About a time my wrestling team got into a fight with the host of a dual tournament
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5 Tips for Wrestling in College
in this video I go over some tips to help you do better as a college wrestler.
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How to Deal with Bad Wrestling Partners
in this video I go over how to deal with lazy or bad partners. people who dont want to work and how to make them work
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How to get good grades during Wrestling Season: Mail Monday
in this mail monday i go over how to get good grades during wrestling season, if heavyweights should go into Jrobbinson intensive wrestling camp, and what to do with teammates who dont care.
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[Fixed] 4 Tips For Freshmen Who want to be Varsity
In this video I go over some tips for kids who are not yet in highschool and want to try to varsity their freshmen year of wrestling
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Day 12 of 28: jrob intensive camps
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4 Tips for Middle School Wrestlers getting ready for Highschool
in this video I go over 4 tips to help prepare middle school kids for the upcoming highschool season and what they should know going into the season
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How to be a good Wrestler
in this video I talk about the major differences I've seen between a wrestler who wins and a wrestler who loses and how to emulate them regardless if you are in highschool or college these tips helped me a lot
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5 Tips For Girls Who Want To Wrestle
in this video I give advice for girls who want to start wrestling and what to expect.
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Wrestlers Tech Tuesday: 5 Tips for Girls Wrestling
Comment video Ideas! in this video I go over Tips and Tricks for girls who wrestle. I talk about what to do with your hair how to beat boys etc.
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6 ways How To get Better at Wrestling AT HOME
in this video I go over 6 Different Techniques you can practice at home to improve your wrestling.
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3 Secret Rules to Know While Wrestling
In this video I go over the fundamentals of Top Bottom and Neutral and how to gain or maintain control in each Title: Deux Artist: dyalla Genre: Hip Hop & Rap Mood: Inspirational Download: https://goo.gl/oGHZpr
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4 Traits The Best Wrestlers Have [Fixed Audio]
in this video i go over 4 common methods and mentalities the best wrestlers all have
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How to Make your Opponent HATE you
in this video I go Over 2 Tips on how to make your opponent hate wrestling you and ultimately give up. These are things I learned from my experience wrestling
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7 Reasons to Start Wrestling
In this video I go over 7 reasons why Wrestling has improved my life and how it has. I have to work today in miami so I might not post tomorrow storytime
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Which Sport is harder? Football or Wrestling
in this video I go over which sport is harder comparing both highschool wrestling and highschool football. I'll probably get a ton of hate for this.
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6 MAJOR Changes from Highschool to College Wrestling
in this video I go over the 6 major changes that happen when you go into college wrestling compared to highschool.
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[Fight story] How Wrestlers Can win a Street fight
In this video I tell a Storytime of When I was in a fight, and how i won it. Then i go over how any wrestler can take a proper shot in a street fight situation. Sorry I didnt post this yesterday I was super busy and had no time
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in this video I go over 4 tips how to get stronger for wrestling. I go over 4 workouts that have helped me become a better wrestler and athlete.
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4 SECRET Tips on How to Cut Water Weight: Wrestler Mail Monday
In this video I go over 4 Secret TIPS for How to Cut water Weight for all you starting season with a heavy weight cut. I go over Tips for girls to fit in and how to rehydrate
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4 Tips How to Be a good Wrestling Teammate
in this video I talk about what it takes to be a good teammate in the wrestling room as well as outside
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in this video I go over some do's and donts of joining a boys wrestling team as a girl.
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