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7 Worst Ways to Get in trouble at Jrob Intensive Wrestling Camp
in this video I go over the 7 worst ways to get a negative at Jrob And the possible punishments that you can recieve for them. ► Music Credit: LAKEY INSPIRED Track Name: "Better Days" Music By: LAKEY INSPIRED @ https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired Original upload HERE - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXLzv... Official "LAKEY INSPIRED" YouTube Channel HERE - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOmy... License for commercial use: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported "Share Alike" (CC BY-SA 3.0) License. Full License HERE - https://creativecommons.org/licenses/... Music promoted by NCM https://goo.gl/fh3rEJ
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7 Tips on Cutting Weight for Wrestlers
In this video I go over a 5 day long meal plan for wrestlers cutting weight, I go over do's and dont's as well as workouts
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5 things nobody Tells you about Wrestling
in this video i go over some of the harsh truths I had to learn about wrestling on my own.
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7 Signs you're bad at Wrestling
GIVEAWAY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gB5BhA_U7sk&t=3s obviously you're not bad if you do these just correct them in this video I go over poor etiquette on the wrestling mat during a wrestling match Bad habits pf Wrestling. I say its the 7 worst things because they're MY 7 worst things tips and tricks, how to for wrestlers new and experienced kolat.com
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Sh!t Wrestlers Say While Cutting Weight
in this video i give some exaggerated examples of complaints wrestlers have during weight cut
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Jrob's Final Run; 5 Things You Need To Know Before
In this Video I give 5 tips to the Final half marathon of in the JROB intensive wrestling camp JROB Points video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIvcwk452JI&t=1s
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8 Ways  You can Lose Points at Jrob Intensive Wrestling Camp
in this video I go over 8 ways you can get a negative at Jrob intensive wrestling camp, and how you can lose points some while not even in practice. I did it shirt
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How to NOT get NERVOUS before a big match
in this video i go over 4 tips to not getting nervous before any big wrestling match
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Captain of the Wrestling Team
Subscribe! ________________________________ ____________________________________ in this video I talk about the captain of my highschool wrestling team and how he was different than most. storytime funny story wrestling stories
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7 TIPS for J Rob, the First Day of Camp [2018]
In this video I go over 7 tips to get you ready for the first day of camp, at J Robbinson intensive wrestling camp. I attended in 2015 at minnesota for 28 days
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4 Tips for Tall Wrestlers
in this video i go over tips for tall wrestlers and how the can use their height to their advantage
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In this video I go over fundamentals to wrestling you must remember while going into your first match.
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6 Snacks for People cutting weight
in this video i go over the lightest most satisfying foods I've found while cutting weight
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4 Tips on Picking a Weight Class
In this video I go over my Tips for picking a weight class all my weight cutting tips should be taken with a grain of salt but everything has worked for me that I advise
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in this video I go over the wrestling storytime of me wrestling my first match and what happened and how it went, wrestling with corn rown wrestling up a weight class, getting made fun of for wearing a cup etc. tips and tricks, how to bjj
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in this video I go over Key concepts of wrestling and how to become a more aggressive wrestler on top bottom and neutral.
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Losing Wrestling Matches
in this video i give you some tips and tricks about losing a wrestling match and what to do to, how to, get better and move forward. it sucks but it happens to the best of us.
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Wrestling Stories: The Watergate Scandal
in this video I go over a story that comes up time and time again in my life... the wrestlers watergate scandal.
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WRESTLING STORIES : My Wrestling team got into a fight
in this video I talk About a time my wrestling team got into a fight with the host of a dual tournament
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5 Tips for Getting Into Wrestling Shape for Jrob
In this video I go over a workout plan and mental preparation for Jrob as well as any other wrestling camp.
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4 Different types of Wrestling Camps
in this video I go over the 4 Different types of wrestling camps and how each one will improve your wrestling
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Your First Wrestling Tournament
Subscribe! in this video I go over how to go about your first wrestling tournament and everything I wish i knew before my first tournament as well as some tips for during the wrestling match
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4 Tips on Getting The Black Hat at Jrobbinson intensive wrestling camp
in this video i give you 4 tips on how to win the ultimate trophy at J robbinsons Wrestling camps
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What To Eat After Weight Ins (Wrestling / MMA / Jiu Jitsu)
Email me Matches for Match Review Isaacgo464@gmail.com in this video I go over what you should and shouldnt eat after weigh ins, how to make weight for the next day, how to wrestle faster and better etc. as well as some tips and tricks for healthy eating for mma wrestling and bjj (brazilian Jiu Jitsu)
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5 Tips for Wrestling in College
in this video I go over some tips to help you do better as a college wrestler.
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4 SECRET Tips on How to Cut Water Weight: Wrestler Mail Monday
In this video I go over 4 Secret TIPS for How to Cut water Weight for all you starting season with a heavy weight cut. I go over Tips for girls to fit in and how to rehydrate
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3 Tips for Before a Wrestling Tournament
In this video I go over 3 Tips to Improve yourself mentally and physically before a tournament
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Wrestler Wednesday: Jason Nolf highlights
in this video I make some of penn states Jason Nolf's wrestling highlights.
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How to Deal with Bad Wrestling Partners
in this video I go over how to deal with lazy or bad partners. people who dont want to work and how to make them work
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Day 1 of 28: the List Jrob intensive camp
This is the first of 28 update videos for jrob
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4 tips to Prepare for Jrob's RED FLAG DAY
in this video i talk about my experience with j robbinsons red flag day i talk about the weights and how the coaches separate you etc.
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6 Tips for lightweight Wrestlers
in this video I go over Milestone discoveries I made for myself that improved my wrestling while a lightweight and what I learned while coaching younger lightweights. how to I improved my wrestling moves on top and bottom as well as standing
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Day 9 of 28: Jrob intensive camps
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Day 12 of 28: jrob intensive camps
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Making Weight for Wrestling After Thanksgiving
in this video I go over how to make weight after thanksgiving and what foods to avoid during thanksgiving as well as tips and tricks for cutting weight as a wrestling how to
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How to be a good Wrestler
in this video I talk about the major differences I've seen between a wrestler who wins and a wrestler who loses and how to emulate them regardless if you are in highschool or college these tips helped me a lot
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Is it Too Late To Start Wrestling? 🤼‍♂️
🤼‍♂️ in this video I go over tips and tricks for new wrestlers, how to know if you waited to long to start wrestling in highschool or middle school. when to start wrestling, tips and tricks for wrestling with mma/ bjj
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4 Tips for how to Getting Through J robbinson intensive wrestling camp
in this video I go over 4 tips that helped me get through jrob intensive wrestling camp
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3 Tips on How to Deal with an Injury during season
in this video I go over how to handle an injury during the wrestling season. What kind of injury you should sit out with, and a wrestling storytime about an injury i currently still have and what I did wrong
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6 Tips On How To Break your Opponent physically and mentally
in this video I show you proper legal ways to be a total dick in a wrestling match and if done right can be to the point of making your opponent quit
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How to get good grades during Wrestling Season: Mail Monday
in this mail monday i go over how to get good grades during wrestling season, if heavyweights should go into Jrobbinson intensive wrestling camp, and what to do with teammates who dont care.
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6 MAJOR Changes from Highschool to College Wrestling
in this video I go over the 6 major changes that happen when you go into college wrestling compared to highschool.
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4 Tips for Middle School Wrestlers getting ready for Highschool
in this video I go over 4 tips to help prepare middle school kids for the upcoming highschool season and what they should know going into the season
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8 Tips For JROB's Intensive wrestling camps morning run
In this video I go over 8 Tips for the morning run at Jrob and what kind of workouts you do and what time you start etc.
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Wrestling Varsity
in this video I give some tips and tricks for getting onto the varsity wrestling team. how to beat a varsity wrestler in wrestle offs etc. how to get onto a high school varsity wrestling team from the junior varsity team.
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7 Reasons to Start Wrestling
In this video I go over 7 reasons why Wrestling has improved my life and how it has. I have to work today in miami so I might not post tomorrow storytime
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4 Traits The Best Wrestlers Have [Fixed Audio]
in this video i go over 4 common methods and mentalities the best wrestlers all have
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3 Secret Rules to Know While Wrestling
In this video I go over the fundamentals of Top Bottom and Neutral and how to gain or maintain control in each Title: Deux Artist: dyalla Genre: Hip Hop & Rap Mood: Inspirational Download: https://goo.gl/oGHZpr
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5 of My Most Affective Takedowns
in this video i go over my 5 most effective takedowns along with a bonus throw, sorry about the funky editing but i had to film this video twice because i thought the one in the gym was deleted, but i spliced them together to better explain
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Getting Pinned Wrestling
in this video I go over how not to get pinned in a wrestling match and how to get up. I go over tips and tricks for getting up from your back
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