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Hungry shark #1
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Fortnite #1
There will be many more gaming videos coming soon
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My cat Dante
Here is my other cat Dante the first thing you’ll probably see is he has a moustache he is so cute
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My cat dexter (read description please)
This is my 2 year old cat dexter his breed is a Devon Rex cat I also have another cat which I will do a video on shortly have a good day everyone :)
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It’s my birthday today!!!!
Hey guys I’m 12 today hope everyone has a good day today bye 🙂
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Everything I have in fortnite battle Royale
If you want to friend me my username is codycococool. 0:00 skins 2:52 back bling 3:33 pickaxe 4:58 gliders 6:41 contrails 7:28 loading screens 8:20 emotes Have a good day everyone.
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This doesn’t make sense
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House tour
This is what the inside of my house looks like.
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Me with my life long mate keinan
Keinan’s words: “Hi, I am on ROBLOX I am Spudboy79” Peace doge
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